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Residential AC ServiceWhen you need expert AC service fast, call Kendale Air Conditioning. With 30 years of experience and counting, we have the equipment and training necessary to handle any issue with any major brand of AC system. Our team members are factory-trained by the manufacturers in order to understand the distinct differences between each brand and model. We keep our team and equipment up-to-date and ready for all of the latest technologies. For AC service you can count on, call us today.

Surprise Malfunctions
Many homeowners do not recognize when their AC is about to malfunction. And because this can happen at any time, we offer same day emergency AC service. In the Miami area, especially during the hot summer months, going without an air conditioning can be very uncomfortable. The elderly and small children are especially susceptible to the effects of heat. Our AC service can get your unit back up and running quickly.

AC Service & Repair

When we arrive at your home, we meticulously inspect the unit to find the source of the problem. It is a complex machine and there are a number of things that can occur and create an issue, though not all of them are problems that will result in expensive repairs or replacement. Sometimes a dirty air filter can cause coils to freeze and the system to shut down. By replacing the air filter and allowing the coils to thaw, the problem should be solved.

Your thermostat is a high-tech piece of equipment that is connected to several triggers throughout the system. These triggers are designed to detect issues and shut down your air conditioner to prevent much larger scale problems. Although it can be frustrating, this can save you a lot of money by keeping the problem small and contained.

AC Service MiamiNo matter how small or large the issue is, we will treat it with the same dedication that all of our customers receive. Our AC service is customer service oriented and relies on your satisfaction. Call us for same day emergency repairs.

Air Conditioning Replacement
In some cases, repairs are only a slight delay to the inevitable replacement. We provide our customers with cost comparisons to help them the most educated decision possible. A repair may be the more affordable option now, but if you still have to replace the unit in a couple of months, the cost of the repair is a waste. Replacement of a major appliance like this can be expensive and unexpected. We accept most major credit cards and offer financing to make the process easier.

AC Installation
One important AC service that we provide is determining what size unit your home requires. By collecting information about your home such as the square footage, the roof type, the insulation thickness, the number and size of windows and more, we can calculate which unit will be the most efficient. Homeowners may think that bigger is better. In this case, it is not. Although an oversized unit will cool your home quickly, it will then cycle off without eliminating all of the humidity. It will continue to cycle on and off rapidly, wearing down the motor. Other homeowners may choose to purchase a unit that is too small for their home because it is more affordable. But the system will have to run almost constantly to keep the house cool. Not only will this cause unnecessary wear and tear of the air conditioner, but it will rack up a rather hefty utility bill. We can help prevent either situation by finding and installing the perfectly-sized AC.

AC Maintenance Plans
As a continuing AC service, we offer customizable maintenance plans to keep your unit in great shape throughout its lifespan. Having routine maintenance is the only way to make sure your air conditioning system isn't wasting energy and to eliminate expensive service calls.

We offer AC service in Miami, Coral Gables, Pinecrest and the surrounding communities.

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