Air Conditioning

During the heat of a Miami summer, air conditioning is the only thing that can really cool you off. When your system malfunctions, it can be very uncomfortable. As a locally owned and operated company for over 30 years, we understand how crucial it is to get our customers' AC systems in working order fast. We provide a variety of AC services to keep our customers in the Miami-Dade area cool all year round.

Home Air Conditioning

AC Service Company MiamiKeeping your home cool relies on a high quality air conditioner that is expertly maintained. We can provide both the product and the service to you. All of our team members are factory-trained. The manufacturers of major brands teach us how to specially care for their products. Although most central air conditioning systems have the same basic design, each brand and model has differences. We are trained to recognize and understand these differences. When we are called to your home for a repair, this knowledge helps us to spot problems and fix them fast.

All air conditioning units use a refrigerant during the process of cooling your property. In the past, the popular brand of refrigerant was Freon. But it is slowly being phased out and will no longer be available in 2020. As of 2010, all central air conditioners were designed to use a new type of refrigerant that was more environmentally-friendly. Along with this change, units are continuously being upgraded to become more energy efficient. Our team members are consistently trained to keep up-to-date with the technology. We also ensure that the equipment they use is up-to-date.

AC Systems

All of the AC systems we install are from high quality manufacturers. You may recognize names like Rheem, American Standard, Trane, Carrier, Honeywell and more. Even if your air conditioner is not on our list, we can still perform repairs. We install the best brands available, and with all of the products we install, we take responsibility for their performance.

One-Year Written Service Work Guarantee
If you are not totally satisfied for the first year following service work performed by Kendale Air Conditioning, we will promptly address any issues regarding material and workmanship and perform them to your complete satisfaction, or we will refund your service call fee.

Miami AC Maintenance

Air Conditioning Maintenance

Having routine maintenance is the only way to make sure your air conditioning system isn't wasting energy and to avoid expensive service calls.

Did You Know?Air conditioners are supposed to have their filter changed every 30-60 days. A dirty air filter is one of the most common reasons we see for an entire unit to stop working. If the filter is dirty, it does not allow for the proper transfer of air and can cause the coils to freeze. With a quick change and allowing the coils time to thaw, your AC will be back in operation soon.

A thermostat malfunction can shut down your entire air conditioning unit. Today’s thermostats are high-tech and have a series of triggers that can detect issues with your system. When a problem is at hand, the thermostat will shut power off to the unit to prevent potential or further damage. If you suddenly lose power to your AC, the first thing you can check is the batteries in your thermostat. Some homeowners do not realize thermostats are battery-powered. When the batteries die, power to the whole unit is lost.

If you need fast and reliable AC service, one of our technicians can be at your side that same day. Call us today for a written estimate.

We service all types of air conditioning in Miami, Coral Gables, Pinecrest and the surrounding areas.

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They come out whenever I need them, and they're always helpful on the phone when I have questions. When my old air conditioner finally quit, they came out and installed a new one and did just a beautiful job. Who else would you call? Katherine U.
They're reliable and trustworthy, and their pricing is very competitive. I wouldn't consider calling anyone else when I need an AC company. Nick P.
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