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Residential AC SystemsAC systems are the complex and often forgotten machines that keep us comfortable during the hottest months of the year. It is only when they fail that we remember how hard they have been working all season. Fortunately, the highly trained team members at Kendale Air Conditioning are specialists in repairing, replacing and installing air conditioning in homes across the Miami and all of South Florida. For all of your AC services, call us.

How Do AC Systems Work?

In the early 1900’s, the first AC systems were appearing in theaters and stores around New York. But it all started out at a publishing company in Brooklyn that was having problems printing due to the humidity. A system was invented that blew the humid air across cold pipes. Cold air cannot carry as much humidity as warm air, so it eliminated the printing issues. But it also made the room dramatically cooler. And so AC began to spread throughout the country.

A scientific fact: When a liquid turns into a gas, it absorbs heat. AC systems force this process to happen over and over again to keep your home cool. The liquid in your air conditioner is a refrigerant. Although the most commonly used one in the past was Freon, new air conditioners now use a more environmentally-friendly version.

AC systems also have a series of coils, which is where the refrigerant is stored. The warm air is blown by a fan over the cold evaporator coils causing the refrigerant to convert it to a gas. In order to complete the cycle and turn the gas back to a liquid, a compressor heats up the gas and a second fan and condenser coils blow the excess heat outside. With the excess heat removed, the gas turns back into a liquid. Then it can start all over again.

What Can Go Wrong With Your Air Conditioning System!

Although it is a fairly simple process, AC systems have a lot of essential parts. If just one of them malfunctions, it can quickly shut down the whole unit. An issue with either one of the fans can stop the conversion process in its tracks and the air will not be cooled. A dirty air filter can freeze up the coils and halt the process as well.

At Kendale Air Conditioning, our team is factory-trained and equipped to work on any brand and model of air conditioning. As a local AC company in Miami, we are available if you need same day emergency AC repair. Just call us up and one of our experienced technicians will come to your home right away and investigate the entire system. We'll check all the coils, fans, compressor, the refrigerant and more until he finds the cause of your air conditioning problem. We will then provide a written estimate on the cost of either repair or an air conditioning replacement.

AC Systems - Replacement and Installation

The end of the life of AC systems is often unexpected for homeowners. It can be a rather large expense, so we help you to choose very carefully the best unit for your home. We work with every brand and can find something within nearly any budget. The most important aspect is to find a unit that is the proper size for your home.

Air Conditioning SystemsAC systems that are too large will cycle on and off too quickly leaving excess moisture in the air and ruining the motor. Systems that are too small will run continuously and can damage the motor as well. Both options are incredibly inefficient and will create additional costs in utilities and repairs and may lead to early replacement. We will use an equation that includes the square footage of your home, the thickness of your insulation, the size and number of windows, the type of roof and more to figure out the perfectly sized unit.

Proper installation of your new home comfort system is critical to its proper function and reliability - and we guarantee it. In addition to the manufacturer's warranty, if you're not satisfied with our product installation work, we will resolve any issues regarding material and workmanship. If you are not completely satisfied, we will remove the installed equipment and refund your money.

Get StartedAC systems should be properly maintained and thoroughly inspected annually. Having routine maintenance is the only way to make sure your system isn't wasting energy and to eliminate expensive service call. For more information about our maintenance program or for repair, replacement or installation, call us now.

We service AC systems in Miami, Coral Gables, Pinecrest and the nearby communities.

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