Emergency AC Service

AC Emergeny Miami FLEmergency AC service can be needed any time. That’s why we at Kendale Air Conditioning provide same day AC repair and replacement services. Especially in the heat of a South Florida summer, every minute without AC can seem like an eternity. Customer service is our number one priority. The moment your unit shows signs of trouble, call us for help.

Emergency AC Repair Service

If your central air conditioning unit suddenly stops working, our emergency AC repair service can help get it back up and running quickly. When we arrive at your home, we will carefully examine your system with our diagnostic equipment. We can detect a wide variety of issues through a simple test. Many times, the problems that shut down your air conditioner require only a quick fix. A malfunctioning thermostat or dirty air filter can cause the whole system to stop.

In fact, many thermostats are extremely technologically advanced. They are connected to several triggers in your system. If there is a leak or other issue present, the trigger will send a signal to the thermostat and prevent the system from working. These triggers may seem like an inconvenience, but they are designed to alert homeowners when a small problem is about to become a big one. They can save you a lot of money in the future.

Our AC repair service also includes checking and adding coolant, when necessary. We are able to find leaks throughout the system, repair them and then test it to ensure it does not continue to be an issue.

Our team is expertly trained and up-to-date on all of the latest air conditioning technologies available. We have the proper knowledge and equipment to handle any brand and model you may have at your home. When you call us for emergency AC service, we come prepared and able to fix the issue or make recommendations for replacement.

Air Conditioning Replacement

At a certain point your air conditioner will be beyond repair and reach the end of its lifespan. If the unit you have in your home is either too big, too small or of poor quality, it may reach that point much sooner than you expected. During our emergency AC service, we may discover that repairs would only briefly delay the need for replacement. We understand that this is an expense many homeowners are not prepared for, so we will give you all of the information available to help you make the decision that is right for you. We also accept most major credit cards and provide financing options.

How to Choose a Replacement Air Conditioning

Choosing an air conditioning replacement system is easy when you work with us. If our emergency AC service reveals that you need a new unit, we will carefully help you wade through the options. One of the most important things we’ll do is recommend the size of unit you need. By carefully evaluating your home, including information like square footage, insulation, roof type and more, we can determine the perfect size central air conditioning system.

AC Stopped Working MiamiA unit that is too big will cool the room quickly but cycle on and off too quickly to eliminate all the moisture. Cycle times that are too fast can wear down the motor. A unit that is too small will be constantly running to keep the house cool. Both options will end up costing you more in utilities, repairs, and may lead to early replacement. Our recommendation will ensure that you have a machine that will operate properly throughout its life.

Proper installation of your new home comfort system is critical to its proper function and reliability - and we guarantee it. In addition to the manufacturer's warranty, if you're not satisfied with our product installation work, we will resolve any issues regarding material and workmanship. If you are not completely satisfied, we will remove the installed equipment and refund your money.

When you choose us for your Ac repair or replacement, you really will be worry free. Call us today for emergency AC service in Miami, Coral Gables, Pinecrest and the surrounding communities.

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They come out whenever I need them, and they're always helpful on the phone when I have questions. When my old air conditioner finally quit, they came out and installed a new one and did just a beautiful job. Who else would you call? Katherine U.
They're reliable and trustworthy, and their pricing is very competitive. I wouldn't consider calling anyone else when I need an AC company. Nick P.
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