Tax Credits and Rebates

All Energy Star federal tax credits expired at the end of 2016.

FPL Rebates

Tax RebatesFPL offers an AC Buying Rebate when you purchase and install a high-efficiency system. It must be purchased through an FPL Participating Independent Contractor and must have a Seasonal Energy Efficient Ratio (SEER) of 16 or 17. We are a licensed AC company and we participate in this program.

The savings are significant. According to FPL’s online calculator, if you have a 3 ton 10 SEER unit now and upgrade to a 16 SEER, you will save an average of $450 a year on your power bills, plus receive a $150 rebate from FPL – that’s a total of $600 in just the first year!

Other energy management incentives like the On-Call Savings Program, which briefly cycles off equipment during peak load times, can save another $137 a year.

How to Qualify

Energy StarFPL requires that you choose specific air conditioning units that qualify for their rebates. Kendale Air Conditioning has more than 30 years in the business and a factory-trained staff that is familiar with all major makes and models. We can assist you with choosing a new residential AC system that will qualify for this incentive.

More Energy Saving Ideas

We can come out and look over your home and show you more ways to save energy.

Ducts that are leaking air or are undersized can be incredible energy wasters. Even the best AC equipment will not cool your home efficiently if cool air is leaking or restricted from flowing. We can fix them fast.

Programmable thermostats can be set to different temperatures depending on whether you are home or away, saving you about $180 a year.

Variable speed motors are also designed to work harder only when they are needed most, so they use less electricity.

Refrigerant leaks of either Freon or the newer coolants can be very costly. A loss of just 10 percent can lead to a 20 percent spike in utility bills. Leaks also cause undue wear and tear on your central air conditioning unit. We will check it, find the problem, and fix it if needed.

Custom Maintenance Plans

Installing energy-smart appliances is just the beginning. Air conditioning systems in South Florida face some of the harshest climate conditions in the country and need regular checkups. Having routine maintenance is the only way to make sure your air conditioning system isn't wasting energy and to eliminate expensive service calls.
Our maintenance plans and warranties are fully customizable to help you take advantage of the savings offered by tax credits and rebates.

We can help you learn more about earning FPL rebates in Miami, Coral Gables, Pinecrest and the rest of South Dade.

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